Scottish woman is named Miss HITLER 2016 in neo-Nazi competition dubbed ‘the ugliest beauty contest ever held’

I wonder if she’s looking for a shidduch?

Daily Mail: A Scottish woman has been crowned Miss Hitler 2016 in a sick beauty pageant organised by neo-Nazi youth movement National Action.
The sick competition saw a woman with the disturbing pseudonym ‘A-Bus-Full-Of-Retards’ named the winner, after attracting entries from across the UK.
In a disturbing interview on the group’s website, the woman says: ‘I am an NA activist living in Scotland and dedicated member of our organisation.’
The female poses in pictures on the fascist group’s website wearing a kilt and a t-shirt with the National Action insignia on it.
The brunette’s face is half-covered with a black scarf with a skull on it, and in several images she is doing the Nazi salute.
In other parts of the interview she adds: ‘I didn’t want to believe that the Jews are the enemy as I was brought up to believe that they are very similar to Christians.
‘Eventually the Jewish propaganda became too obvious to ignore and so I became involved with NA.’
And sickeningly, she says she would most like to kill German Chancellor Angela Merkel, adding: ‘I would put Angela Merkel (without any protection) in one of her camps and let her pet refugees do the rest.’
The woman says her boyfriend is the ‘best gift life has given’ her and without him she would be a ‘very lonely Nazi’.
She also said her relationships with friends had suffered due to her views.
She said: ‘There are some people who I used to be friends with but because of their openly antifascist views, I no longer speak to. It makes me sad sometimes as I used to really enjoy their company.’






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