Dennis Prager’s Weekend Ruined By An Upper-Back Pinched Nerve

He says he will go to dinner with anybody who has a solution to his problem.

Prager mentioned a book review in Sunday’s New York Times about "Germany 1945."Soviet soldiers pillaged and raped the most, but the French were not much better. The British and Americans, with fewer grievances, committed fewer atrocities."

It wasn’t values that stopped certain soldiers from raping? It was grievances?

What was the one group of Russian soldiers who did not rape en masse? Jewish soldiers. You’d think Jews would have a lot of grievances, but they had something more powerful — values.

Democrat politicians now claim they were never serious about the public option in health insurance. They just want more "competition."

Since when are Democrats in favor of competition? They oppose school vouchers. Do Democrats want more competition in education?

Democrats now say they don’t want to emulate Britain or Canada, but it is the Netherlands. Yeah, right.

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