Who Needs Love When You’ve Got Willie Brown?

From San Francisco Magazine:

Lauren Smiley | Photo: Aya Brackett and Drew Altizer | November 28, 2013

Ten years a trophy girlfriend—but still willing to work!

Sonya Molodetskaya—Russian refugee, aspiring boutique owner, mostly absentee immigrant rights commissioner, and decade-long lady friend of ex-mayor Willie Brown—has a zebra pelt on her living room floor. … The collection includes the tan mink parka that she was wearing when she stepped off the plane at SFO at age 24, back in 1996, after her parents forced her to leave her social life (and boyfriend) in Moscow and reinvent herself as a Russian Jewish émigré in the Outer Sunset.

But hers is no typical immigrant tale, as evidenced by the tower of orange Hermès boxes in the closet, the shelves of stilettos, the 2011 Jaguar convertible in the garage across the street, and the giant black-and-white painting on the living room wall: Molodetskaya wearing a lacy bra and—what else?—a fur, mob-wife style. …

“I can’t live this life sober,” she says in a rich accent that rolls out like a blend of Moscow and Queens. She’s joking—sort of. …

As we sip wine from the cellar of Molodetskaya’s financial district loft, we finally arrive at the juicy topic: her arrangement with the famously philandering ex–California assembly speaker and two-term San Francisco mayor, who technically left City Hall in 2004 but is still widely considered a one-man shadow government. She almost always calls her companion “Willie Brown,” even to his face, as if he were yet another brand name in her closet. (“He doesn’t like when people call him Willie,” she says. “I don’t think he likes his name.”) At 79, Brown could be Molodetskaya’s father (she’s 41); in fact, he’s five years older than her father. Not that age has slowed him down. “He’s never really been faithful to anybody,” she says. “He was always a playboy. So did he change for me? I don’t think so.” …

Molodetskaya’s candor makes it clear that she doesn’t live in the same über-PC town as the rest of us—she lives in Willie’s world. After all, her boyfriend and benefactor is a man who, in his titular Sunday column in the Chronicle, name-drops his political cronies, roasts his foes, and openly states that all contractors lowball bids—or ought to. A man with a stable of children ranging four decades in age, the youngest of whom was conceived with a fundraising associate during his marriage to Blanche Brown (they are still married, but have been amicably separated for decades). A man who back in the ’90s dated Kamala Harris, then a deputy district attorney in Alameda County, currently the state’s attorney general. A man who now has one half of the Bay Bridge named after him.

… Brown rose from segregated Texas shoe shiner to self-made San Francisco kingpin, and Molodetskaya has a similar rags-to-riches tale, having climbed rapidly from refugee saleswoman to society doyenne. Admittedly, her rise was fueled mostly by the power of association with the city’s most famous living politician. But it was also a product of her own disarming and, dare I say it, sincere charm.


* When these “refugees” left Russia, in 1996, from what persecution, exactly, were they seeking refuge? Since arriving in San Francisco, twenty years ago, as a 24-year-old woman, has Willie’s current girlfriend spent a few years traveling in outer space, at nearly the speed of light, or is there some other, more mundane, explanation for why she now is reputedly a 41-year-old woman?

* San Francisco has a sizable Russian and Ukrainian Jewish population, especially in a neighborhood called Richmond. Although they are being pushed out of the Richmond by an increasing number of Chinese immigrants. There is not as many Eastern Euro Jews there in 2016 as there were say in 1996.

I eat at a mom & pop sandwich shop owned by a Ukrainian Jewish family, but they are not religious because they serve non kosher sandwiches that mix meat with cheese. Phenotype wise the family looks a lot like people from the Caucasus region, they have similar looking phenotypes as the Tsarnaevs.

* Even successful blacks are an embarrassment, smh. It’s just instant gratification to them, no notion of long term planning or leaving behind a legacy. Just seeds scattered to the wind. Polygamy would be more preferable to this lifestyle.

To that end here’s a story on BB King’s estate battle, 15 kids by 15 women but none of them maybe his biological kids because he’s had a low sperm count his whole life.

The year since then has been decidedly less peaceful. While neither of King’s two marriages resulted in children, he managed to leave behind a vast family: 15 kids from 15 women. If that family history weren’t complex enough, King’s authorized biographer Charles Sawyer wrote in his book, The Arrival of BB King, that doctors found the musician’s sperm count too low to conceive children. In 2015, Sawyer told The Guardian that he had given King the option to remove the reference and that King declined. Either way, King claimed 15 kids as his own — never disputing his paternity — and of the 11 who survive, many now are fighting with King’s appointed trustee over his estate, a fortune that family members tell THR could be worth between $30 million and $40 million when royalties, asset sales and rights are taken into account. Many of the kids point to a 2007 will and trust that they claim grant them generous allowances. But King’s longtime business manager, LaVerne Toney, who is now the legal trustee of King’s estate, asserts that she merely is following a 2014 trust, which names the children but doesn’t provide for them with specific monetary gifts. According to the trustee’s own legal filings in Nevada, King’s estate also is far smaller than the children allege: $5 million and change spread across a few Wells Fargo bank accounts. But the kids have assembled teams of lawyers to fight the estate’s guardians. The litigation could continue for years.

* Russians are white Africans. They like bling. They like shoving their wealth in people’s faces. It is no surprise that Russia is the only white country where the people willingly embraced communism rather than have it forced upon them (by the Russians, of course). If you lived in a country of Russian capitalists you would have been a communist, too.

And given their love for and protection of guys like Willie Brown (and Bob Filner, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Neil Goldschmidt, Anthony Villaraigosa, and Gavin Newsome) until their sexual behavior was finally made fully public, Democrats will have to do a really, really, really good job explaining why I shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump because of his “misogyny.”

* Look on the bright side.

The more politicians take these women off the market the less spam in the inbox.

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