I Got Into A Fender-Bender In Beverly Hills

Oy, this is all so embarrassing!

Until I opened — on my Blackberry — this morning’s Los Angeles Times, I didn’t realize that Sonia Sotomayor’s elevation to the U.S. Supreme Court was anything to celebrate.

This I saw the headline: "New York celebrates Sotomayor’s confirmation"

Wow. All of New York is celebrating? Why? I know people in New York. I wonder if they are celebrating. It turns out they weren’t.

Then I pondered the deep significance of the first Puerto Rican going on the Supreme Court and I felt an excitement unknown to me since Black History month.

As I opened my eyes to the glories of racial diversity, I met a couple of nice ladies wearing "Wise Latina" t-shirts and I just went lost control.

Oy, the shame! I reached for a lithium tablet to calm my troubled waters but popped a Levitra by accident. After four hours, the effects had not worn off, so I got in the car and drove myself to the hospital.

Last time I do that with a serious medical condition! I should’ve called an ambulance.

Making my way through Beverly Hills, taunted by scantily clad babes, I scraped cars on Cannon Drive with a young woman driving her dad’s black BMW. A marriage and family therapist, she was getting married this weekend.

Mazal tov! I guess I broke the glass a little early.

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