Evan Sayet Compares The Obama Administration To The Nazis

From Evan’s Facebook status update: Harry Reid: "These are nothing more than destructive efforts to interrupt a debate that we should have, and are having," Reid said. Simple question to those who aren’t terrified by the Nazi-style take-over of our government by Barack Huseein Obama and his corrupt leftist pals in the House and Senate…how is Harry Reid able to debate the issue when he hasn’t read the bill?


Eight people — none of whom I recognized — gave this remark a thumbs-up. In the comments thread, Evan added: "The thing is, Tracey, they ARE Nazis. The only difference is two-fold, first, Obama is not a NATIONAL socialist he’s an INTERNATIONAL socialist, the difference there being only the size of the playing field. Otherwise all policies are the same. The other is that Hitler was "in your face" with his rhetoric while Obama has learned to be a "smiley-… faced fascist," only speaking the truth about what he believes when he thinks he’s off the record (like his hateful attack on religious Americans in San Francsico) and when the news leaks out (like his threat to finish Hitler’s job if the Israelis don’t surrender to his and his Islamist allies’ demands."

"The thing is this, Tracey, words have meaning. When I compare Obama to the Nazis it’s because that is an accurate phrase. Germany, too, was a democracy until a charismatic orator, using goons and thugs — often culled from the prisons like the Democrats/Muslims are donig — to Read Morebeat anyone who challenged them into submission. Obama has attempted to steal the 2012 election by stealing the census, he has engaged in scapegoating unparalleled since Hitler (everyone who disagrees with him is bought off or evil) and we are truly in Germany circa 1936 and this Jews not going to keep quiet and pretend it’s not happening. Never again means never again."

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