Kosher Certification On LA Restaurants

A Mashgiach Temidi (only the Mashgiach will have keys to the restaurant, no entrance without the Mashgiach, unless you can lock up all the fridges separately) is the new community chumra (strictness of Jewish law) for kosher restaurants and it costs about $2,000 a month (former system only cost about $100 a month) for the most widely accepted kosher certifications (RCC, KOLA, OK — has taken over Kehilla — etc). The Haifa restaurant on Pico Blvd just lost their kosher certification from Rabbi Benzaquen at KOLA.

People also don’t want to go to RCC, because they feel they are corrupt, sporadic in their policies, and unfair.

Selwyn: A video cam system is the 21st C equivalent of a Mashgiach Tmidi at a fraction of the price. Time the Rabbis woke up.

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