The Myth of the Female Orgasm

Bob emails:

You could pump up traffic by using your video capabilities NOT to showcase various religious kooks, but as a Jewish sexual advice show.

I’m thinking you should call it "Kosher Porking with Your Oral Leader, Luke Ford". Why should Rabbi Shmulie get all the glory?

Episode 1 – The Myth of the Female Orgasm


This gets AMALEK thinking.  Other episodes:

Episode 2: There is no such thing as a "bloody good time" in Judaism.
Episode 3: Oral sex: why it simply is not kosher, and may well border on cannibalism.
Episode 4: The Shiksa Menace.
Episode 5: The halachik basis of sex with a post-menopausal woman.  (Also, "halachik" is not to be confused with the "halal chick" – see Episode 4.)
Episode 6: A man’s obligation to his wife: three cases (the man of leisure; the scholar; and the working man).
Episode 7: How to make Pelegish (concubinage) work for you.
Episode 8: Inside LA’s most exclusive mikvahs.
Episode 9: Whither the unmarried man over forty – may he go Mexican?
Episode 10: Sexual techniques of the Gedolim.

Luke, if only you had the drive.  You’d now be celebrating 8 years as a mid-level television personality, instead of living in a garage that is evocative of the sort of place failed artist Hitler would have ended up in had the Great War not intervened.

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