Am I Self-Righteous?

A new friend accuses me of self-righteousness.

I just don’t see it.

And neither do my friends.

Robert emails: "She confuses self-righteousness with the clarity and command of a Moral Leader. Common mistake."

Fred emails:

I agree with Robert that she confuses self righteousness with moral gravitas. Luke, just explain to her that there are people who depend upon you for moral guidance every day, and hang on your every word as a moral signpost directing us toward a better life.

This is a woman who does not know the pain of being morally adrift without a compass to point the way to meaning in life. If it weren’t for LF, I’d either be a Scientologist, a Hari Krishna, or a Mormon or even worse, I’d still be practicing law full time.

BTW, when I daven, instead of facing Jerusalem, I’ve started facing in the direction of the hovel, I daven with an Australian accent, and instead of using Mogen David wine, I know say the kiddush with Foster’s Beer. Luke, am I on the right path?

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