The Unkindest Cut?

David Deutsch writes:

First of all, I don’t know if this is a reflection on you or on him, but I haven’t seen David Kelsey so excited since he got a mention from VDARE.

Now, on to an important question for On Kelsey’s blog there were some anti-circumcision activists going on about how sexually debilitating it, loss of sensitivity, etc. And as is usually the case where there is an intersection between sex and halacha, I thought of you. Now, there anti-bris crowd always has these anecdotals by men who’ve been cut as adults, who say that they’ve lost sensitivity, but I wonder, is there anybody who says that sex is just as good, if not better? It would be pretty good PR. Now, I’m not asking you personally:

A. Because if I recall correctly, I asked you on the night we met if you had an adult circumcision, but you’d been cut as a kid (is that possible, did I really ask you that within five minutes of being introduced?–we really were meant for each other)

B. Because I know you’re saving yourself until marriage.

That said, you still might be the person to put the word out and see if anyone out there is willing to stand up and speak out for the bris.

At any rate, gut shabbos, and hope things are going well.

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