Who Cares About Sexual Abuse In Baltimore?

Jane emails: “Rabbi Yaakov Menken and Project Genesis had Rabbi Aron Tendler on his payroll. As it was said:
Chaverim kol pedophiles B’ Yisroal. They both use similar grooming techniques…”

The Awareness Center blogs:

On Sunday, May 18, 2009 in the Baltimore Community, there was a rally to protest the idea of the Owings Mills JCC being open on Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath).  Though the notion of the rally was a good, what I personally find disappointing is that the orthodox community appears to care more about a JCC being open on shabbat then they do about protecting their own children being molested.  

If you look below at the photograph from the Baltimore Sun, it shows an orthodox child standing, with sea of men in black hats in the background.  Those who organized this rally are the same individuals who refuse to do anything about the sexual predators living within the Eruv (Jewish community).  In the orthodox world they believe there needs to be a seperation of man and women for reasons of modesty (to help control the sexual urges of men).  The problem is that it does not deter a sexual predator from committing sex crimes against children or adults.  One such alleged sexual predator who is known to have been at the really yesterday is Rabbi Yaakov Menken.  He is the director of an online kiruv organization (Jewish Outreach) called Project Genesis.  He also operates the web page, Torah.org.  It is on record that he was there because Rabbi Yaakov Menken was quoted in the following Batlimore Sun article.  

There have been several complaints made over the years that Rabbi Yaakov Menken (AKA: Ken Menken) allegedly uses his own personal grooming process to lure young woman into performing sexual favors.  

Rabbi Menken’s modus operandi has been to become a father figure to vulnerable young women, replacing himself with their real family and friends, taking them into his confidence, having them spill their sexual secrets and questions only to him.  There was also one case in which he attempted to convince a woman that she was molested as a child by one of her family members, even though the woman had no memory of such abuse.  Yaakov Menken has no training as a psychotherapist.  His education is in the computer industry.

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By Matthew Hay Brown | matthew.brown@baltsun.com

Baltimore Sun – May 18, 2009


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