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Lying About The Right

Dennis Prager writes: I do not recall any major American daily attacking another major American daily the way the Wall Street Journal attacked the New York Times last week under the heading “The New York Times has crossed a moral … Continue reading

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Who Cares About Sexual Abuse In Baltimore?

Jane emails: “Rabbi Yaakov Menken and Project Genesis had Rabbi Aron Tendler on his payroll. As it was said: Chaverim kol pedophiles B’ Yisroal. They both use similar grooming techniques…” The Awareness Center blogs: On Sunday, May 18, 2009 in the … Continue reading

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Daily Yid Exposed?

What is going on here? http://www.dailyyidden.blogspot.com/ This blog is now invite only and I did not get an invite. I don’t read Yiddish. It seems like Leah Kleim is exposing the Daily Yid as someone horrible. Leah says that if … Continue reading

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