I Accidentally Spammed All My Gmail Contacts For Tagged.com

I was talking on the phone with an old mate last night. He said he’d sign up for Facebook if I signed up for Tagged. I agreed. While I kept talking to him about my feelings, I signed up for Tagged and without thinking invited all my gmail list to accompany me.

I feel so dirty.

It was interesting to see who bothered to respond to my spam. These are people who really want to be in my life.

Here are some of the sample responses I got: "Luke: Not looking to be part of another social network, as I can barely keep up with the ones in which I am already participating. Either way you are my friend and will remain so."

"Luke, I adore you, but I HATE all these social networking sites! I am on Twit (uh, Twitter). Will look for you there."

"Actually, these sites are horrible for doing that. Otis Chandler’s brat grandson has a book site that does that, Goodreads.com — I’ve blogged about that. There’s another site, mamasource.com that does that, too. These people are thieves and pigs and should be called out for it!"

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