Never Watch Another Web Ad reports: "According to Mozilla’s stats, Adblock Plus is the most-downloaded add-on for Firefox, attracting more than 700,000 new adherents a week. In all, it’s been downloaded almost 49 million times. The appeal isn’t hard to understand. The first time I loaded up Adblock, it was like shooting my browser up with Bandwidth Growth Hormone. The software gave a speed-boost to everything I did online. In order to catch your attention, many Web ads are stuffed with complex animation and sounds. Keeping all those aliens dancing eats up a lot of your computer’s resources, which is one of the reasons your machine’s performance plummets if you open many pages that are stuffed with ads. Ad-blocking software prevents your browser from connecting to well-known advertising servers. This lets you load pages faster and devote more of your machine’s processing power to important stuff, like playing Hulu videos."

Luke says: I just installed this in Firefox. Then I forgot about it. Ten minutes later, I was checking out and I panicked. All the ads were gone. I then looked at my site in another browser and all the ads were back.

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