The Sapphic Secrets

I just watched the DVD Ha-Sodot aka The Secrets.

It’s exquisite. The young females in it are so fine, so spiritually fine.

The protagonist (played by Ania Bukstein) has a full bosom and a strict devotion to Orthodox Judaism. She loves to study the sacred text. Distressed by the death of her mother, she ships herself off to an all-girls seminary in Sfat where the female rosh yeshiva yearns to produce Orthodox female rabbis.

It is a queer yeshiva because the girls study the identical curriculum as guys. They long to be men.

How deeply I understand these exquisite sentiments.

Sfat is beautiful and so are the chicks. 

I feel noble as I watch this Israeli movie, not dirty and pervy. So much secular entertainment these days makes me feel strangely attracted and repelled simultaneously but now my motives are as pure and honest as a dog humping your leg.

Bukstein and her two roommates are joined by a rebel played by Michal Stamler.

Michal has only small breasts but a big personality and she loosens up Bukstein when they visit a dying shiksa murderer, who previously lived in Sfat with the Jewish artist Joseph Cohen. When Cohen left her and returned to Paris, the shiksa abandoned her husband and children to pursue him, finally ending his life with the vigorous application of a blunt object to his skull.

Now the shiksa seeks absolution.

The two Jewish girls help her by studying Kabbalah and finding elaborate cleansing rituals. Fortunately for male viewers, the first of these rituals require the two hotties to go totally naked before dipping themselves in the mikveh.

A little while later, their feelings for each are consummated as they rub their lithe bodies against each other with manly vigor.

Afterwards, they try to deny their feelings, but they are too strong, and they are ejected from their yeshiva.

Bukstein wants to become an Orthodox rabbi and Michal wants a normal life and marriage to a man. And it is all so painful and exquisite that it reminds me of the time that I dated a bisexual and I implored her to show me how two women kiss and make love. The kisses of womanly love are more peckish and less brutal and intrusive than man-on-woman love. Womanly fondlings are more indirect and subtle. It was just all so fine that it made me want to become a rosh yeshiva with my own all-girls seminary in Sfat on the liberal end of the Orthodox spectrum, the end that does not deny feelings when they are photogenic and modern.

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