Lipstick Muslim

She writes:

I had never before lived that far from my childhood home in Alexandria, Virginia and now I was about to move cross country. I spent years trying to get my father’s blessings to move to Los Angeles so that I could pursue my comedy writing dreams, and eventually I gave up and entered into an arranged marriage. Deranged, more like – when it eventually ended my father felt so guilty about the whole thing that he finally broke down and gave me his blessings. But now I was experiencing my own break down… Breathe in. Breathe out.

I walk down the aisle. I can not believe what I encounter next. A hot man seated next to my passenger seat. I was readying myself for a middle-aged one with bad breath. What a nice surprise! He is tall, white and handsome. Not what I typically go for. But my divorce with Faisal had left me open to people outside of my culture.

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