Psychotic Break

"When I was teaching this set this morning," says the Guru, "somebody had a psychotic break.

"People were getting very angry over this set. So as we do the exercises and you feel enraged, go with it. It’s normal."

"At the end, when we’re lying down, I’m going to come around do some bodywork with each of you. If you don’t want me to work on you, please raise your hand now."

The Torah commands me to raise my hand. I should not be touched by a woman.

Yet I leave my hand at my side.

The Guru comes beside me. My heart beats.

She anoints my head with eucalyptus oil. Then she rubs some into my feet. This is ecstasy.

Oh, why can’t I just enjoy this? Why must i analyze it? It feels so good. I should get up after class and thank her. I’m scared. This feels so good, I want to run away.

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