The Blog ‘Hirhurim’ Becomes A Book

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

Today marks the end of the Hirhurim blog’s fifth year. I’d like to thank all of the readers and commenters, and all of my fellow posters: the regulars — Steve, Joel and R. Ari; and the guest posters throughout the years, including R. Dovid Gottlieb, R. Michael J. Broyde and others.

As discussed in the past, I am adapting this blog into a series of books. The first volume is ready to go. It includes old posts, updated for information from commenters and subsequent thoughts and publications. It also has some articles I published outside of this blog.

I’d like to ask readers to pre-order books through this blog to help offset the cost of publication. Please do not look at this only as an opportunity to buy a good book, but also as a form of gratitude and support. So please buy multiple copies. Buy copies for your friends, shuls, schools and libraries. Encourage your friends and relatives to buy also. (If shipping international is too expensive, send it to a friend of relative in the US.)

You can order the book here: link

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