Real Estate Developer Brian Dror Filed For Personal Bankruptcy In February

He filed for bankruptcy on one of his business entities (SNH) eleven months ago.

If I could figure out the Pacer system for California’s Central District, I’d give you the motherlode of documents on this, listing all the people who invested with him and lost money.

When I use the "query" function and put in "Dror" as the last name, I come back with four Drors, none of them Brian: Dror, Daniel (pty) Dror, Roy (pty) Drori, Zeev (pty) Drory, Florence (pty).

Brian Dror is a leading Hancock Park Orthodox Jew. He partnered on many of his real estate deals with fellow Hancock Park Orthodox Jew Zvi Fleishman. I believe their investors came principally from LA’s Orthodox community. This list of investors is not yet available via Pacer, I believe, but should be available within 15 days.

Brian Dror filed an emergency bankruptcy with only a skeletal amount of information.

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