Leaving Without Saying Goodbye

I don’t like to say goodbye. It makes me sad and nothing good can develop from it because you are about to split and it often means interrupting someone or waiting to say goodbye and just hanging on and clinging and waiting around and it makes me feel needy and I just don’t like it.

palestine4ever: You should reply: "Sorry, I was in a hurry to relate my attention whore issues to my therapist. Gotta grab some lithium, kthxbye"
palestine4ever:  You know what you need, Luke?
palestine4ever:  A gymnast.
palestine4ever:  Just don’t ever piss them off.
Guest12:  a limber one at that
palestine4ever:  They have muscles bigger than your biceps in the most unusual places.
palestine4ever:  One minute you’re in ecstasy, the next it’s snapped right off.
palestine4ever:  And when you’re feeling tired, she can carry you home.

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