The Republicans Get The Simple Life

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Life becomes immeasurably simpler for Republicans if they come to terms with the fact that they’re the White People’s Party, or as Steve puts it, the Party of the Core. Trump is leading the party to this promised land. Once they accept who they are representing, then sensible policies can flow like water because there would be a connection between party purpose and party policy.

* I recall a few incidents where I’ve had real-life conversations with Bernie Sanders fans and they’re going on and on about his plan to bring Danish socialism to America and I ask them to clarify a few things that I don’t understand. I ask them why I’ve never heard them, or Sanders, talk about how they’re going to ethnically cleanse America to bring about the racial homogeneity which is a necessary precondition to having a sharing society. Then I keep a blank expression on my face and await an answer, looking as though I’m genuinely curious. Suffice to say that after a few rounds they can’t point to a diverse society that makes their desired socialism work and they’re frustrated that reality is kicking them in the nads.

* That’s the thing about mass immigration: It turns the country into a giant commons. And “grab what you can” is the inevitable response to a commons. See Garret Hardin’s original formulation (The Tragedy of the Commons or Matt Ridley’s discussion in The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts aned the Evolution of Cooperation).

One fundamental difference between Republican voters and Democrat voters is that Democrats generally view the country as a commons, while Republican voters are committed to the perpetuation of the country as a going concern. This ties in with Steve’s views on affordable family formation, as those who live where family formation is affordable are more likely to view the country as a going concern, although the arrow of causation can also point in the other direction as those predisposed to the going-concern viewpoint will re-locate to where the environment is more suitable for their productive (and reproductive) project.

* From an HDB point of view, what should be done with sociopaths/psychopaths? Forcible sterilization?

* While Frum seems to “understand” the concerns of middle/working class Republicans, he doesn’t really seem to feel himself to be a part of them, or very sympathetic to them. Instead he seems to be treating them as just one more group whose wishes need to be considered, and gives their concerns – concerns about rewarding indolence, graft, and illegality – no moral weight whatsoever. The white middle class is only important because of their share of the voting base, not because their ideals are any better than those of Wall Street banksters, champagne socialists, or welfare queens.

Just as bad, and just plain damn naive, is how Frum seems to think that Wall Street support for open borders is just some minor policy point which they’d be willing to discard if “GOLLY GEE, THEY ONLY JUST UNDERSTOOD THE CONCERNS OF REGULAR AMERICANS A LITTLE BIT BETTER.”

That’s laughable. Wall Street has been committed to open borders since at least the George H. W. Bush Administration. Since the early 2000s that support has gone into overdrive. They are obsessed with driving down American wages, obsessed with increasing their customer base, and obsessed with disenfranchising the middle class Americans who have stymied them in the past. It is a central tenet of their ideology. It is non-negotiable. Does Frum really think that all the lies and betrayals on immigration by the elite, and the open, decade-long push by them to eliminate our borders, even in the face of extreme national security concerns, are just the result of some simple misunderstandings? He’s got to be high.

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