Requiring Immigrants To Buy Insurance

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Singapore does just this for the legions of guest workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and so on who work there on employment visas. Employers are required to put up a security bond for $5,000 to the government to ensure good conduct by the domestic worker (i.e. going to ground as an illegal, moonlighting and so on).

Note that the idea holds both the employer, who sponsors the visa, and the foreign worker, to account. The idea is easily extended to other classes of immigrants, if necessary with tweaks to the monetary penalties and rules to be followed.

The free market has stepped in and insurance companies provide the bond for an annual insurance premium. It’s a well developed market.

Here are the conditions laid down by the government of Singapore. They are worth a look.

* TB was almost non-existent in the USA until we started letting illegals in by the millions.

* Does current immigration-logic (invite the identical refugees you’re invading) maybe have an unspoken component where discrimination-against-Muslims is seen as an unspeakably dangerous step towards possible eventual discrimination-against-Jews?

I’m otherwise frankly baffled why we’re fine with reducing Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran to smoking rubble, but not with treating their refugees as suspect.

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