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WELSHDRAGON:  luke was a great looking guy, with a little bit of just 4 men he could get back to his prime
palestine4ever:  I’ve been saying almost exactly the same thing, Welsh
YourMoralLeader:  what’s just 4 men?
WELSHDRAGON:  it not a gay thing luke sorry
palestine4ever:  There’s nothing frightening about mirrors, razors and grecian formula
palestine4ever:  but it’s like f**king kryptonite
WELSHDRAGON:  lmfao-i’m gonna when the time comes!!!!
WELSHDRAGON:  lit up like a beacon
palestine4ever:  the stories that hovel could tell
palestine4ever:  how a young man, filled with dreams of "making it", arrived
palestine4ever:  flash forward 20 years
palestine4ever:  Luke 2009 walks out
palestine4ever:  It reminds me that I’m getting older
palestine4ever:  Like when I see Todd Bridges on television or something
palestine4ever:  as you age, luke, we all take a second glance at our photos
palestine4ever:  I notice my face is rounder than it used to be
palestine4ever:  these feelings are not consistent with the largely warm and cozy persona I expect from the Luke Ford Brand
palestine4ever:  You’ve got to do it for your audience

palestine4ever:  I liked your use of the verb "husband", Luke
palestine4ever:  "I stayed in Tuesday and Wednesday, husbanding my energies"
palestine4ever:  that’s very commonwealth of you =)
palestine4ever:  An revealing section which you no doubt have noticed yourself
palestine4ever:  "Why do you seem so happy?"
palestine4ever:  says someone at JewFest
palestine4ever:  "Yoga" sez Luke
Mitra:  Luke, what kind of writer are you?
Mitra:  You write on your blog and write one word responses.
palestine4ever:  That’s a tough one, Mitra
YourMoralLeader:  is that bad?
YourMoralLeader:  what work do you do mitra?
YourMoralLeader:  hookers don’t give it out for free in their off-hours
Mitra:  As a woman, that’s totally unappealing that you don’t express yourself.
Mitra:  Speak up!
palestine4ever:  Mitra, Luke’s enigma is that he lusts madly for women, while doing everything in his power to physically repel them.
YourMoralLeader:  tell me about yourself
Mitra:  You tell me!
Mitra:  Don’t hide behind one-word answers.
palestine4ever:  Have you been here before, Mitra?
Mitra:  Once or twice.
Mitra:  I’m Persian-Jewish.
palestine4ever:  Just kinda randomly found it?
YourMoralLeader:  am i being niggardly with my words?

palestine4ever:  Are you a Jew too?
bigappletreat:  of course
bigappletreat:  frum too
palestine4ever:  How ironic that two Jews can only connect with the moderation of a filthy arab
bigappletreat:  on second thought….you may leave if you desire
palestine4ever:  But maybe, just maybe, this is the kind of thing we could share with the world
palestine4ever:  make big, like, Tolerance Quilts and share our story of mutual understanding basking in the reflection of Luke Ford’s awesome powers
palestine4ever:  I mean, i’ve taken a holy oath to destroy your people utterly but I don’t see why that means we can’t be friends.

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