Teresa Strasser Out Of A Job

Joe emails:

Teresa Strasser is going to do a lot more great writing for the Jewish Journal. This is what happens in a state where there are no anglos ages 18-34, at least none who want to hear words or other things said by Dee Jays who want money. Much better is someone to spin Rhianna records.

This is a neat website. It tracks actual physical sales of gold (you can click on silver as well) and shows you the real price and what i call the "Obama premium" Gold spot price is quoted from COMEX, the futures exchange. But that price is based on 100 ounce deliveries. You want less gold, there is a slight premium and it used to be 3% or so. Now the premium is getting to be near 10% for even the most declasse of coins, the Krugerrand. Simply put, no one trusts the messiah, and there is a run on gold for so long as the nation is run by people who want to spend and spend.

And one more piece of news that you will not get from any of the mainstream media – Apparently, the Obama Stimulus Bill includes an "enabler" that only releases funds to California if California passes a budget. This is per Barbara Boxer by way of a request from Daryl Steinberg. So basically, California is subjugated to Obama – you want money from him, you have to pass a budget that raises taxes and cuts spending. But wait – if the stimulus gets money to California, then maybe the spending can be uncut and the tax hikes undone (how much do you want to bet that the former happens, and not the latter). We are going into an economic mess that Boxer and Obama are perpetrating and which will cause a huge outflow of populace from California.

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