Jewcy – We Hardly Knew Ya

I could never figure out why didn’t use Adsense on their site. They probably could’ve made $100,000 from it over the past three years and at least as much from other online advertising programs. Perhaps if they had used these things, their demise wouldn’t be so sure.

Somewhere former Jewcy employees Joey Kurtzman and Helen Jupiter are crying.

JTA reports:

The future of the online cultural magazine Jewcy took a serious blow this week when its primary funders pulled their financial support from the magazine, the Fundermentalist has learned.

According to a senior staff member of the magazine, its primary funder, theater mogul Jon Steingart, and its president, Tahl Raz, informed the staff on Friday, Feb. 13, that Steingart and its other major backers, Michael Weiner and Michael Steinhardt, were pulling their money from the magazine because they did not see it as a profitable model in a sour economy.

Steingart and Raz told the staff that they would have until the following Friday to vacate the magazine’s offices in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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