The Loneliness Of The Deracinated Goy

Goy: I think a while ago you wrote about how you have sort of been an outsider in every community that you were a part of. Me too. Gets a bit lonely. But why an AA meeting and not just a church or something? I do feel lonely sometimes cuz I can’t exactly talk to my kids about the Jewish influence on America… And my parents would freak out. Wife listened last night and then said, “well, it’s fine that you email your neonazi friends but just keep it off Twitter okay?” But usually I seek alone time more than connection, I think, because it’s exhausting–all that connection.

I mean you can only connect with people if you meet them where they are. So I watch TV with daughter and try to care about what color we should paint the kitchen with wife and talk sports with dad. To the Jew I become a Jew, and to the Greek I become a Greek (or whatever it was Paul said).

Daughter just asked the other day–“what’s Hanukkah?” Because they taught her at kindergarten about “the four holidays” –Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan!

I said “Jesus was Jewish. Then some people didn’t believe he came back from the dead. They’re still around–called Jews. Those who believed he came back were called Christians.”

Luke: “Hanukkah is about when Jews let down their guard and allowed the Greeks to run the Federal Reserve and the media.”

Goy: The problem I’m having now with my anonymous hater-account is that I feel like we’re creeping up on flat-out holocaust denial… an idea that, like everyone else in my generation, I’m pretty thoroughly inoculated against. So can I really take Kevin MacDonald seriously if lots of his followers start saying the holocaust was a hoax? On the other hand, I have to admit, I know almost nothing about it except what I saw in a movie by Spielberg, and that I’m not supposed to question it. And SIX MILLION. So, reel me in a bit. I don’t wanna end up filtering the flouride out of my water and talking about chemtrails.

The problem I’m having is that if THAT is some insane anti-semitic bullshit, and it’s totally false, then how can I trust anything else that that tweeter says (about Jews in particular)?

“Well,” I think, “After all, white people really don’t have much of a shared history–certainly not a shared history of suffering.” But why should that be the criteria for being justified in cherishing an identity more primary than nation?

Luke: Read this and this.

Different groups have different interests. That is the whole Torah. All the rest is commentary. Go and study.

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