When The Goyim Notice Patterns

Most Jews I know think that any goy who hates Arabs/Muslims is likely to hate Jews as well and so Donald Trump (and any form of populism and nationalism and gentile cohesion) makes them nervous.

When goyim start noticing patterns (such as Jews are smart, blacks can run fast, Asians study hard, etc) and remarking upon them and wanting to take action on them (profiling Muslims), some Jews get nervous. Jews do best in an individualist society where people are judged as individuals primarily and not as representatives of their group, and where there is little in-group/out-group distinction and there is not one collectivist religion and culture.

An Orthodox Jewish friend told me Shabbos that he loved Trump’s idea of banning Muslim immigration and that he hoped Trump would extend the idea to deporting all Muslims, and that if Jews were then forced to leave America too, he would be fine with it. He’d go to Israel.

When Jews in the diaspora get nervous about goy hatred for Muslims, we reveal that we see ourselves as an alien tribe.

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