Self-Telecourse With Rabbi Dr. Marc Gafni

I love this, especially the graphic, it opens up all my shakras, if I was at a lower level of consciousness I would mock that which I do not understand, but I evolved and am now ready to proclaim the deep truths available through self-telecoursing:

At the Integral Spiritual Center gathering in 2006, Dr. Rabbi Marc Gafni, in response to a spiritual invitation issued by Ken Wilber, unpacked and shared the principles of Integral Kabbalah. Dr. Marc shared with us one of the Great Illuminated Teachings of the Western Enlightenment Traditions – the teaching and practice of the Unique Self.

We are therefore proud to present this new and compelling Integral Path of Transformation- the path and practice of the Unique Self: Realizing the Unique Purpose of Your Life as the Key to your Nondual Realization and Spiritual Path.

In this special and limited, home study telecourse, spiritual teacher Dr. Rabbi Marc Gafni will share, illuminate, instruct and transmit this core teaching of the Western Enlightenment path. Based on foundational principles of Integral Kabbalah, Esoteric Christianity, and Esoteric Islam, Dr. Rabbi Marc will share with you the mystical teaching, practice and instruction of the path of Unique Self.

Join Dr. Rabbi Marc Gafni and practice this new, yet ancient dharma, for the transformation of your life!

In this three-week home study program, you will learn:

* The Four Noble Truths of Unique Self

* The complete set of Unique Self Practices that you can deploy in your life immediately, easily, and effectively

* The five keys to unlock your Unique Self and Unique Purpose

* How to define and manifest your Unique Life Mission and Purpose in every situation

* The four Unique Self principles of loving which, when manifested, will transform your love relationships in a significant and powerful way

* First, second and third person Unique Self practices that will change your relationship to yourself, God, nature and community

Integral Life Purpose

Unique Self: Realizing the Unique Purpose of your Life as Spiritual Path

A Three-Week Telecourse with Dr. Marc Gafni

Starts: Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Ends: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Classes run for 1.5 hours and meet for three consecutive weeks on Tuesdays.

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