Desperate To Meet A Girl

Most single guys are desperate to meet a girl. They are far more compulsive than single women. Most single guys will do anything to meet a hot chick. They will put everything aside and move heaven and earth to meet up with a girl.

Girls aren’t that desperate. They are far more chill. If she’s the least bit attractive, she’ll have far more options than you will. She’ll have all sorts of guys asking her out and asking to take her to parties and Torah lectures and the like.

Girls aren’t as sexually compulsive as guys. They have a far stronger sense of themselves. Masculinity is fragile. No job or no girl, and most guys don’t feel like a man.

Here’s a smart talk on meeting women.

It comes across as wimpy if you text to see that she got home OK. Far better to say when you’re parting, "Text me to let me know you got home OK." Better for her to text you.

Never text or email "XX" or "XO" to a girl. Girls will "XX" to female friends, to male acquaintances, to work mates, while guys will only "XX" to a girl they like. So if you "XX" a girl, you’re telling her you’re really into her and you’re giving her all the power (the person who loves the least in a relationship controls the relationship). So don’t do it unless you’re texting your girlfriend.

The person who says the least in a conversation, in an email or texting exchange, is controlling the relationship…

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