Waltz With Bashir

Kishke posts: "I don’t see how a smart guy like you can give props to a movie like Waltz With Bashir. From what I’ve read about it (including here), it’s a soldier-turned-leftist-working-out-his-guilt film. Now, look, I certainly empathize with whatever trauma this obviously sensitive guy went through. But it doesn’t excuse the damage he does by giving ammunition to Israel’s deadly enemies. These are people who don’t just stand by while others commit murder; they themselves commit and glorify murder, and they never apologize or undergo a moment’s anguish. By putting his own anguish on display for the world, this guy makes Israelis out to be the cruel, agressive ones who murder for the joy of it, when in fact that’s what the other side is like, and it’s Israel acting in self-defense. I despise this person and what he’s doing."

Luke says: The movie struck me as a profound look at war. I’ve never been in a war, but this film seemed real to me. But I saw this film in the presence of an intoxicating woman, so who knows how clearly I was thinking, or what I was truly pondering while viewing man’s inhumanity to man.

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