Under-Earning Can Kill You

Addiction is a progressive frequently fatal disease. It rarely gets better on its own. It usually just gets worse.

I define addiction as the reward centers in your brain don’t work right.

Here is a treasure trove of MP3s on Underearners Anonymous talks.

A favorite speaker of mine is Matt. Here are some highlights from his talk #163:

* It’s a wicked cunning baffling disease. It’s an addiction of compulsive thinking.

I came in from three other programs. I heard that the credits don’t transfer. If I do the work, I change, and people treat me differently, and I have less to resent.

The nub of my recovery is knowing that I belong. That I am not separate.

My under-earning thinking had me buy into the idea that I was separate from those who earned and were wealthy and prosperous. I have two options from that state of mind: I can go into my cave or I can lash out at the world to show how big I am. Neither of those work.

I laugh more freely and deeply and consistently at myself and my life than I ever have before. It is one of the gifts of the program… The laughter is a sign of recovery. When I laugh at myself, I can see the madness for what it is. When I don’t treat my under-earning, it is deadly. For me to under-earn, it is to die. If I don’t treat my under-earning, it will lead to behaviors that will kill me or others.

Prosperity is about good things coming easily. It’s the experience of being alive.

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