Goy Joy Lives – I’m Meditating Live On My Cam To Abstract Sanskrit Chants

From my live cam:

guest7:  You now have two traditions where wisdom is associated with a beard: Hinduism and Judaism. Now if you embrace Islam, you’ll be on your way to embracing beard-loving religions.
guest7:  What’s your next beard-loving tradition to embrace?
RussianDragon:  how is the goy joy going?
HostOfHosts:  Clearly, I have stumbled onto a site that is not Jewish in its outlook.
HostOfHosts:  Luke has found a faith that works for him and it is not Judaism.
guest7:  Maybe, he’ll be homeless; they have beards!
HostOfHosts:  So why begrudge him his happiness?
HostOfHosts:  Let him smile!  Let him chant prayers to his Hindu deity.
guest7:  He should be happy. I just wanna know whiich beard-loving religion is next on the agenda
guest7:  Dr. Rabbi Luke is the path setter. We all follow him.
HostOfHosts:  I think this one could carry Luke forward for at least as long as Judaism ensnared him.
HostOfHosts:  Was that the sequence? You get kicked out of the last orthodox shul in walking distance of your home that would have you, and now this?

Jeff emails:

  1. You aren’t the only one who lives in a basement: http://gawker.com/5145553/rahm-emanuels-illegal-dc-basement-rental?skyline=true&s=x
  2. Its not Hindus who grow beards, it’s the Sikhs. And they are monotheists, have great music (Bhangra) and the best looking women in the world are Punjabi (see slumdog millionaire)

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