What Hamas Is Doing To Southern Israel Will Inflame Jews

It is unpredictable how Jews in the United States will react to these rocket attacks and non-Jews should be on guard against angry rioting Jews.

Can you imagine such a thing?

Or the pope announces that non-Christians should beware because Christians are upset about something and are liable to go on a rampage.

It’s inconceivable, Dennis Prager noted on his radio show Jan. 12.

Yet the Muslim council of the United Kingdom announced that Muslims are upset over what Israel is doing in Gaza and it is unpredictable how they will react.

If a non-Muslim said that, he’d be considered an Islamophobe.

So Muslims can act out against British citizens, meaning kill them, because of what is happening in the Middle East.

Therefore, Britain should do what? Stop Israel from undoing the rocket stations in Gaza? Because British Muslims may get angry and kill Brits?

Can you imagine the Jewish council of the United Kingdom saying that because of terror in Israel, Jews may act out? It is unimaginable.

And these things are taken as normative, even prescriptive. Therefore, we better pressure Israel.

Prager talked about attacks on attacks on several Jewish institutions that weekend. Graffiti such as "Death to Israel" was scrawled. Junk had been thrown into a synagogue, breaking glass.

This does not happen in the opposite direction. "Whenever there’s an Islamic terror attack, we’re told to be on alert for Islamophobia. But that’s not who gets hurt. Whenever there’s Islamic terror, it’s non-Muslims who get hurt. It’s the upside down world the Left has created."

Dennis: "There will be fewer medications approved for diseases in the Obama administration than any administration in modern history thanks to Sidney Wolfe and the other hypochondriacs who’ve been appointed to the FDA."

Alicia Mundy writes for the WSJ:

he pharmaceutical industry has a recurring nightmare: Drug-safety crusader Sidney Wolfe becomes a player at the Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Wolfe also has a nightmare: One of his children goes to work for a drug maker.

Of the two, the doctor is sleeping more soundly.

Over three decades, Dr. Wolfe, head of the health group at advocacy organization Public Citizen that Ralph Nader founded, has helped push 16 drugs off the market and slap restrictions on several multibillion-dollar products. He has been so hostile to the FDA under President George W. Bush that he decried its 100th-anniversary celebration in 2006 as a "propaganda campaign" to hide its "unprecedented assault on the American public."

Now the outsider is going inside, mirroring a larger shift in the Washington pendulum toward tougher company regulation. To the consternation of the drug industry, Dr. Wolfe has been appointed to a four-year term on the FDA’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Committee, which plays a key role in telling the agency which drugs are safe.

Dennis: "It is very scary when you appoint people to approve drugs who think that drug companies are thugs. It is a good emotional position that people on the Left have from birth. It is fed to them that corporations are bad, especially corporations that make a lot of money. Since I don’t know any medicines not developed by these big bad companies, and since almost everyone I know has been saved my medicine, I don’t think we should be adamant about not approving drugs. If aspirin had to be approved under Sidney Wolfe, it probably would not have been approved."

"If Obama keeps up [with his pragmatic foreign policy direction], he might be able to do something very important for America — expunge the radical Left from liberalism."

"Peace in the Middle East is a dream that liberal have. Conservatives have a more realistic vision of the human capacity for delusion and evil… If Barack can find peace where everyone before him has failed, then more power to him. I’m not sanguine.

"If Hamas were to say, we recognize the right of Jews to have the state of Israel, then you no longer have a reason for Hamas. Hamas’s distinctive vision is to destroy Israel."

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