The Young and the Restless Orthodox Girls

My twenty-something friends Jezebel and Annie got doled up Saturday night and went to the Skybar on Sunset Blvd.

The homey chicks in jeans in front of them got rejected but my friends got in where they were immediately grabbed by these lawyers from Tijuana who bought them alcohol.

The Mexicans were ugly so my friends moved on to these hot Aussies who wanted to know where they could buy blow.

Because my friends are Orthodox, they didn’t know what blow was until one Aussie plugged one nostril and imitated snorting with the other.

My friends went back to the Aussie’s hotel room. Because Jezebel is Orthodox, she wouldn’t get involved with the 45-year old guy with a wedding band. Because Annie is Orthodox, she would only make out with her hot Aussie. No further!

It was a real kiddish HaShem.

Annie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend had growing anxiety throughout the evening. He kept texting her about his feelings but she did not respond.

He finally grew so upset that he changed his status on Facebook to single and began emailing her photos of himself in his underwear.

That taught the bitch a lesson she won’t soon forget.

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