I’ve Taken A Vow Of Eternal Chastity

I can not be swayed. I can not be tempted.

ChaimAmalek:  Luke, I am sorry to hear that you have taken a vow of eternal chastity.  It is not required of you by Judaism, but I respect your decision
ChaimAmalek:  You must be pure for your yoga
ChaimAmalek:  And coitus only tenses the chakras
FATS:  where’s the entertainment in this chatroom
ChaimAmalek:  Ever since Luke gave up sex, the women have stayed away and so too the men
ChaimAmalek:  Only the celibate gather here
FATS:  that’s true!
ChaimAmalek:  I think what Luke needs is for some woman to go over to his hovel and rape him right on the cam
FATS:  Luke lives in a fortress – he doesn’t have to be afraid of rape
ChaimAmalek:  It would have to begin with her locating his stash of levitra, grinding up a pill, disolving it in water and than admiinstering it to him as an enema
ChaimAmalek:  Then she, and maybe this would require several women, would have their way with Luke live for us to see.
ChaimAmalek:  The mic would be on, and we would hear Luke crying out "Rabbi …, forgive me!"
ChaimAmalek:  You ladies want him.  You ladies should get over there NOW and do him
ChaimAmalek:  When you are done, force Luke to do something he finds especially degrading.  Like getting a job

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