Neil Strauss & Monogamy

In the conventional MSM narrative about Neil Strauss’s new book, the former pick-up artist embraces monogamy. But that is not true. Neil’s new book does not say he’s embracing monogamy. It says he’s embracing integrity. If he or his wife have sex with someone else, they want to be able to do it without lying. They want to live in truth with each other.

People, including journalists, don’t like to deal with complexity. They prefer to follow conventional attitudes because it saves on time and struggle.

Here are examples of the false media narrative:

* Chicago Tribune: In ‘The Truth,’ Neil Strauss takes the long way to monogamy

* CBS News: Ex-pickup artist reveals struggle with monogamy in “The Truth”

* Daily Mail: World’s most famous bald pick-up artist and author of The Game reveals why he’s given up orgies and porn and having any girl he wanted – for monogamy

* MSN: Author Neil Strauss On ‘The Truth’ & His Journey To Monogamy

* Huff Post: Author Neil Strauss On ‘The Truth’ & His Journey To Monogamy

I am unaware of any of these media outfits apologizing for lying about Neil and his new book.

Published on Oct 21, 2015: Neil Strauss, in celebration of his new book The Truth, discusses relationships with authors Christopher Ryan & Esther Perel.

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