I Was Live In My Chat Room With Holly Randall

Come join the fun!

Pics: I took some stills by holding the camera out and Holly close: Self-portrait of myself with Holly at the hovel Holly Randall, Luke Ford Holly Randall, Luke Ford Holly Randall adores Luke Ford Holly Randall screen capture

Video: Holly discovers she hates kosher gum. Holly and I sing a duet: "Build me up, buttercup" Holly Randall discusses how love bites.

Holly: I’m going to end up breaking something. Only your heart.

[To Luke]: You’re still cute. Just scruffy and older and tortured.

He’s too old for you Emma. I’m saving you.

RamBam: She is very cute.

YourMoralSchvartze: he didn’t even bother to clean

guest64: nice tzizis

guest49: Attractive Jewish Male, 45, college graduate, seeks successful Jewish Princess to get me out of my Holly’s garage

RamBam: His tzitzis are hanging out

guest49: it looks like a crack house I seen on "Cops"

RamBam: He’s wearing the shirt she gave him … awwwww .. ::vomit::

RamBam: You like what you’re seeing??

guest49: Holly you are so nice ..why Holly WHY?

RamBam: He’s singing to her now …. ::vomit::

RamBam: I can’t wait to post the capture of this on youtube …..

DickDundee: There’s already a screen cap up on XPT Holly.

guest49: Wow I think I would think of something better to do than throw a ball with Holly…

YourMoralSchvartze: he’s working her

ChaimAmalek: She’s working him

YourMoralSchvartze: ahh

RussianDragon: oh yeah the suave voice

ChaimAmalek: Luke, this is your chance at happiness

RamBam: Holly kicks the Moral Leaders ass!

ChaimAmalek: I invented most of this

DickDundee: Holly has the green eyed monster

ChaimAmalek: Holly, cut the chase. ARE YOU OVULATING OR NOT?

ChaimAmalek: Holly, I’ve got news for you….YOU ARE THE OLDER WOMAN WHO IS PERFECT FOR LUKE

RamBam: Run Holly. He’s drugged the tea!

ChaimAmalek: Holly’s lost weight

RamBam: Except in the arms.

ChaimAmalek: I’m proud to say I’ve met her twice

guest49: Luke answered this ad on Craigslist..Female graduate student, studying kaballah, Zohar, exorcism of dybbuks, seeks mensch. No weirdos, please

RussianDragon: how was she chaim

ChaimAmalek: She’s just as hot in person…more so

ChaimAmalek: She has great pheromones

ChaimAmalek: She has a thing for Mexicans

RamBam: And fake Jews

ChaimAmalek: Luke is a light drinker!

ChaimAmalek: Luke can protect you from alcohol

RamBam: Luke is a lightweight.

ChaimAmalek: Luke is a writer, same as your dad, Holly

ChaimAmalek: AMALEK sees all here

RamBam: She loves you Luke.

ChaimAmalek: I’m not saying Luke would totally abandon Judaism, but you could rationalize his life

RamBam: You look much younger than 29.

RussianDragon: it’s written in the stars: luke and holly

ChaimAmalek: Luke, you need Holly way more than she needs you

ChaimAmalek: So cut the Jew crap and knock her up already

RamBam: The drugs are kicking in …

RamBam: She’s about to pass out.

ChaimAmalek: This is how this ends: they go to this Jewish thing tonight, Luke sees a bunch of unattractive stuck up women, and his gentile brain kicks in and he… Holly’s brains out

guest69: Bye Holly ..I still think you are one of the loveliest ladies alive…now RUN away FAST!!!!!!!!

guest67: hes tidied up for you

ChaimAmalek: She’s smart, hot, tall, Aryan

ChaimAmalek: If I were there, I would lock the two of you together in a room until you saw the light

ChaimAmalek: She’s the kind of girl who NEEDS to care for a man

ChaimAmalek: Like her mom

DickDundee: Luke, dude, seriously, shave. You look like a hobo. You can’t pull off the Orthodox Jew look.

RabbiGadol: Luke, this is your rabbi

RabbiGadol: I give you permission to marry Luke even if she does not convert

hollysvagina: Stay away from me Luke

RabbiGadol: This is why the white race is in such trouble

RabbiGadol: Two mutually interested white people like these still can’t see their way to having procreative sex with one another.

RabbiGadol: Luke, you need a Mexican with a grass cutter to get rid of that beard

RamBam: Her looking at her MySpace is BORING

MrHollyRandall: wtf did she ever see in him?

chaimamalek: I’m not saying he’s the perfect man for her, but she certainly is that for him

guest63: chaim you really want her for yourself

chaimamalek: Well, of course I do.

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