I Wonder What Obama Knew And When He Knew It

Joe emails:

If Rahm Emanuel was selected by Obama for his fierce loyalty to the cause, and Rahm spoke to Blagojevich about the Senate seat, doesn’t it follow that Obama authorized or knew of Rahm’s contact? Do you get it, I mean, why would Rahm, as a simple chief of staff designee appointed on November 6, 2008, begin talking baseball with Blagojevich right away – do you think he would have maybe mentioned to Obama – hey, I have been talking to the guy and making recommendations, and upon hearing that Obama would have said, I want you to have nothing to do with that. Yet, on November 8, 2008, Rahm keeps having these discussions? Is it possible that he disregarded an order from Obama?

We are being asked to believe that either Rahm told Obama nothing – which would bespeak complete insubordination, that Rahm told Obama that he was talking about it and Obama said do not touch it, and he kept talking, again complete insubordination, or more likely, he spoke to Blagojevich, mentioned those discussions with Obama, and Obama said that there is no problem with Rahm putting his two cents in in the manner Obama wanted.

I mean, come on. Obama does not deal with this small stuff. But people in his office did, at his behest.

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