I’m Lighting My Hanukkah Candle

Live on my cam.

I needed help with the songs so I brought in the Miami Boys Choir:

Khunrum emails: “They say that most accidents happen in the Hovel…..I mean Home. Be careful that your Hanukkah Candle doesn’t set fire to that box of Quaker Oats next to it. btw What are Quaker Oats doing on your Yiddisha Shrine? Are you making an offering to the Food God?”

Here’s the live commentary from my chat room:

WELSHDRAGON:  here he goes
guest30:  lol he’s good
guest36:  no one holds a candle to you
guest30:  it may help you
guest36:  come on baby light my fire
guest30:  lol
guest31:  His accent sucks
guest31:  However, he is giving it all his best
guest36:  your hebrew is better than your english
guest31:  My asseur hurts
guest36:  this is so sad i am going to cry
guest36:  or laugh
WELSHDRAGON:  suck that belly in luke lol
ihateireland:  its good
guest36:  shukel away baby
guest31:  He is so lonely
laundry:  he is bobbing so he is praying?
guest31:  Wish I could be there to sing with him.
guest36:  and slather some olive oil over him
guest31:  or over me
laundry:  oh how he swings his talit
guest31:  Oh my, a pre-pubescent singing
laundry:  we joy in the Maccabees
guest31:  Isn’t that before the circumcision?
guest36:  the miracle of the levis
guest31:  Ouch
laundry:  for they only had enough oil for 1 day yet….SURPRISE! 9 DAYS
guest31:  Our boy is isnging harmony
guest36:  don’t try out this year for american idol
guest36:  maybe try the shul choir
guest36:  and give a big donation
laundry:  notice how he is turing the pages. He is not reading hebrew….
guest31:  Oh my, I will have to come back when the music dies down.
guest36:  dahhh
guest36:  but you have to give him an a for effort
guest36:  moshiach must be on his way
laundry:  he means well, let’s match him up with a nice girl…
guest36:  or not such a nice girl

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