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I dug up the tax return for the Jewish Community Foundation from 2006. There’s no return available on for 2007.

I want to understand what culpability the Jewish Community Foundation has for its bad investments with Bernie Madoff.

It lists the top five paid employees for that year:

* Simone Savlov $233,000
* Baruch Littman $164,000
* Elliot Kristal $162,000
* Susan Grinel $152,000
* Steven Price $151,000

It spent about $64,000 for public relations and $454,000 on marketing.

Shuls and churches and mosques don’t have to file 990 tax returns with the IRS, so I can’t dig these up for all our favorite shuls and publish them.

In 2006, according to this return, the Jewish Community Foundation gave out these sums to these places:

* Jewish Television Network $100,000
* American Friends of the Hebrew University $151,543
* United Jewish Fund $189,429
* St. Johns Hospital $1,000,000
* American Kosher Supervision $450,000
* Congregation Torah V Chesed $2,550,000
* Mercaz Beth Jacob in Eretz Yisroel $100,000
* Yeshivath Torath Emeth Academy $500,000

Here’s the report for 2007 on the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America. 2006 2005

Rabbi Ken Menken’s Project Genesis 2006. 2005.

The Elie Wiesel Foundation had $4 million in assets: (2007 990 filing, 2006 filing)

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