‘Did Jesus Go To Mincha?’

That was the subject header for a mass email sent out Thursday afternoon by Bnai David-Judea rabbi Yosef Kanefsky:

While historians will continue to debate that question (or not), there’s one thing we can know for sure. By taking the whole second half of December as a religious holiday, our Christian brothers and sisters, have made it easier for lots of us to be available for minyan this time of year. Which is good, because lately we’ve been just squeaking by. All it takes is for a couple of our minyan stalwarts to be out-of-town or ill, and the rest of us are left looking prayerfully toward the Bet Midrash door, rather than toward the aron kodesh. So please please, when we set our alarms each night at bedtime these next couple of weeks, let’s each ask ourselves WWJD (what would Jews do)?

Every shul has a personality, usually shaped by the rabbi. Bnai David has a low-key gentle atmosphere. It is a bunch of nice people. Orthodox shuls are often fierce places, for better and worse. Bnai David is kind and restrained, like its rav.

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