Dennis Prager Merchandising Goes Too Far

I logged in to Pragertopia on to listen commercial-free to his radio shows, and I got this message: "Special Limited Time Offer: Add Either Best of Radio 2008 or Best of Happiness 2008 to Your Basket and During Checkout You Will Be Offered One of the New Dennis Prager Ceramic Mugs for ONLY $5.00."

It’s just not morally serious and is another consequence of the decline of organized religion.

If you listen to the commerical-rich shows free on, you have to endure bumpers such as Dennis saying, "Listen to me make liberals cry."

I’m just not into S-M with my moral leadership.

On his radio show Dec. 11, Prager said: "Majority culture Americans talk about shameful things all the time (such as Abu Ghraib, Mylai Massacre, etc)… When it comes to minorities, the notion of shame has died. You only have ethnic, racial and communal pride, but there’s never any expression of shame. The majority culture expresses it regularly, white Americans over slavery and Jim Crow laws.

"A minority is as obligated to express shame as a majority culture… There is no minority that has only done good things. Anyone who doesn’t only express pride in his minority is considered a traitor to his group.

"Let me begin with my own group — Jews. …I thought about this with this article…about a Jewish parent complained about the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song because of its religious overtones. …The song was written by a Jew."

"We have been intimidated into never saying to minorities, ‘You’re wrong.’ The only thing we’re allowed to say to minorities is ‘We feel your pain.’"

Dennis Prager just finished the book "The Fall of Berlin 1945" by Anthony Beevor.

On page 437, you know how many millions of German women were raped by the Red Army. And gang raped. I come across this one sentence: "A wide range of anecdotal evidence suggests that Red Army officers who were Jewish went out of their way to protect German women and boys."

Dennis: "I read that and felt pride. If anyone had a reason to hate the Germans, it was Jews."

"The disproportion of blacks in prison for violent crime is a source of shame and yet it is blamed on the larger community."

Dennis Prager complains that the Democrats are nationalizing America’s car industry. The Democrats are doing this to support their supporters at the UAW and to control the type of cars made (and forcing the car companies to drop their legal protests at California’s stricter laws on emissions).

Dennis: "If this does pass, the patriotic thing will be to not buy an American car. I’ve always wanted people to get American cars when possible."

"Creative destruction created America’s economy… UAW workers make $30 more an hour than their counterparts at Japanese firms. I never imagined the US Congress would vote to nationalize."

"If Americans aren’t buying the cars that private industry makes, are they going to buy cars made by a nationalized industry dictating all sorts of green standards? Or will we subsidize the price like they subsidize bread prices in poor countries? Will the US government dictate the price on these new automobiles?"

"The stronger the role of the central government in an economy, the more devastated an economy will be [in this recession]."

"Do you know why the Left doesn’t learn? Because leftist beliefs are a quasi-religion. They are dogma.

"’Does it work?’ is a conservative question. Is it fair? Is it equitable? Is it economic justice? Those are leftist questions."

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