Looking For Scoops

Joe emails:

Hey Luke,

I am a big fan of your blog. I was hoping you have updates/information on the following stories you posted.

1). David Mazlin – last you posted he pleaded guilty in court and is now listed on the Megan’s Law website as an official sicko/ sexual predator. Is his wife still sticking with him? What’s he doing with his time?

2). The rabbi position at Beth Jacob. As a member of the upper west side community I am curious if there have been any developments. Rumor out here is that Rabbi Kalman Topp (Young Israel of Woodmere) has been ruled out as he was not liked across the board. I also heard that Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz was ruled out for being too much to the left. Any idea if these rumors are still true? I also heard there will be a spy in the Young Israel of the West Side this Shabbos seeing Rabbi Dovid Cohen in action. Let me know if you have any updates.

3). The newest jewish scandal of Bernie Madoff’s record breaking securities scam. Anyway we can get a listing of the investments bernie took from all if the major jewish organizations/ wealthy jews. I have already hear the following rumors:

Yeshiva University  – 100 – 200 million in their endowment
Owner of the New York Mets – 300 million

David’s wife is sticking with him. I assume David is working for his father (or with his dad’s money).

As for the Beth Jacob search, I believe all your points are not true. I’m told: There is no spy going to see Rabbi Cohen. Marc Rohatiner, who is on the rabbinic search committee, is going to their shul for Shabbat. No spying going on. All above board. All three candidates are well qualified and have an equal chance at this moment. They will each come out for Shabbat. They were each given the same written questionaire.

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