Wall Street & The Jews

HymenRothofMiami:  Young man
HymenRothofMiami:  The New York press is all over the Jewish angle regarding this latest wall street scandal.
HymenRothofMiami:  Apparently he took down a lot of monied Jews.
HymenRothofMiami:  As he "did the Jewish circuit"
HymenRothofMiami:  I’m thinking of distributing pushkas to help take care of their needs
HymenRothofMiami:  May I put you down for one?
YourMoralLeader:  no
HymenRothofMiami:  Jew hater.
HymenRothofMiami:  That’s all I see on your web site, hatred of REAL Jews.
HymenRothofMiami:  The only time you show respect to any Jew is where you think you can scam them for money or have sex with them.
HymenRothofMiami:  There is no charity in your goyishe heart.

YourMoralLeader:  i like philip roth
HymenRothofMiami:  Roth was a w**ker.
HymenRothofMiami:  Roth will never win a Nobel Prize for literature.
HymenRothofMiami:  That "shiksa" writer person – is she hot?
HymenRothofMiami:  She cannot betray what you do not give her
HymenRothofMiami:  A warm hot body in one’s bed is a good thing – the third Satmar rebbe
HymenRothofMiami:  Do you have a hot date lined up for tonight?
HymenRothofMiami:  You need to get busy or it will be Craigslist for you.
HymenRothofMiami:  And no amount of medication will undue that damage
HymenRothofMiami:  OK, here’s what these Jewish feminist writers go wrong – they overthink things.  What men want is a hot looking woman who thinks the world of them and who acts like she’d make a good wife and mother.  Men, and that includes Jewish men, are not looking
HymenRothofMiami:  for an "equal" or to be challenged or for soul mates or any of that crap.  We are very simple.
HymenRothofMiami:  Nor do we give a crap where you went to school or your fabulous job or for your cats or the intensity with which you practice yoga
HymenRothofMiami:  Ditto your ipod playlist, ditto where you feel that you belong in Judaism
HymenRothofMiami:  On the other hand, do you tart yourself up just enough?
HymenRothofMiami:  Do you smell good?  Are you fun to be with?  That we care about.
HymenRothofMiami:  Luke, spread the word

From the WSJ:

It began on the radio this summer. New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind ran a segment on his Saturday night talk show titled "We Are Only as Sick as Our Secrets: Sexual Abuse, Healing the Shame," featuring graphic accounts of sexual abuse of children in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

There had been a few high-profile cases before, but this "was when the floodgates opened," explained Mr. Hikind, an Orthodox Jew himself. Following the show, additional victims and their family members came forward to share with Mr. Hikind their own stories. "Cases of sexual abuse are not worse among the Orthodox," clarifies Mr. Hikind. "But when there’s a problem and you don’t deal with it, it gets worse." Over the past few months he has collected hundreds of testimonies spanning several decades, naming at least 50 alleged pedophiles across the tri-state Orthodox Jewish community, including well-respected rabbis and teachers.

But now these testimonies have become a source of contention. They have been subpoenaed for a civil suit by a lawyer representing six former students of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a longtime teacher at one of Borough Park’s leading all-male yeshivas, who has been charged repeatedly since the 1980s with sexually molesting his students. (Last year Rabbi Kolko pleaded guilty to child endangerment.) The problem is that Mr. Hikind had sworn to keep the testimonies confidential.

Mr. Hikind claims he will "do the right thing" about the subpoena without betraying the names of any of the victims. While he will not hand over his complete list of alleged perpetrators, he says that "we are starting to share names" with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes.

Many people give Mr. Hikind credit for bringing much needed attention to an issue in the Orthodox community that has frequently been swept under the rug. (One exception to the silent treatment was the Orthodox Union’s creation of a special commission in 2000 to investigate the sexual abuse charges against Rabbi Baruch Lanner, leader of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, who was later convicted.) He also deserves credit for getting victims to talk at all. Mr. Hikind says that he encourages each victim who comes to him to go directly to the police, but no one is willing to. They are too afraid of the repercussions for themselves and their families in terms of reputation and marriageability.


Tributes came in from all over the world for Rabbi Michael (Mickey) Rosen, one of the most popular and most revered Anglo rabbis in the country, who died Sunday in Jerusalem, aged 63.

Rosen had a rare condition called Mitochondrial myopathy. He had been in a coma for three weeks after sustaining serious injuries in a fall.

…At around noon the house was filled with around 100 people of all ages and religious orientations. Relative and visitors spoke animatedly, recalling fond memories of Rosen that touched on his deep spirituality and the respect and openness with which he greeted every person he met.

"At the funeral, so many people came up to me and told me that Mickey had completely changed their lives," Katzersdorfer said.

"It reminded me of when he was the rabbi of Sale, a suburb of Manchester, in the 1980s. Under his influence a whole group of people became so enveloped in yiddishkeit, that they all immigrated and moved to Jerusalem together. He was the hero of the town, but not because of that. They loved him because he played on the football team," Katzersdorfer said.

"For somebody who believed as deeply as he did and was so careful about Halacha, his openness toward secular wisdom, his seeing truth in secular wisdom and his progressive, liberal political understanding, were a special and valuable contribution to religious life in this country," Rabbi Levi Lauer, a close friend, said.

"In Israel, religion is often seen as something primitive, people either practice it even though they see it as primitive, or they don’t do anything at all," Rabbi Yehoshua Engelman, who was the rabbi of Yakar in London before being recruited by Rosen to lead the new Yakar branch in Tel Aviv, said.

"Mickey was someone who passionately tried to show that the Jewish God is also an intelligent God. In Yakar, he showed that religion is not primitive, that it can be worthwhile, that it can classy, intellectual and serious and also spiritual, deep and challenging. Mickey always wanted people to challenge themselves."

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