San Francisco Vs. New York

ChaimAmalek:  SF is lovely, except for the people.
ChaimAmalek:  Very different in NY vs SF
NJG:  not really
NJG:  same crappy neighborhoods, no washer dryers, no dishwashers, illegals everywhere
ChaimAmalek:  NY may be politically liberal in the old sense, but in terms of personal conduct and what is expected and tolerated, it is very very conservative
ChaimAmalek:  At least Manhattan is
ChaimAmalek:  The streets of NY are clean
NJG:  heck you COULD afford a home in Buffalo
ChaimAmalek:  what would I do in Buffalo?
ChaimAmalek:  It is a ruin
NJG:  same that you’re doing where you are now
ChaimAmalek:  full of the unemployed and darkies

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