The Rising Cuckservative Meme

Am I wrong for taking strength and confidence from these trends such as the rise of Donald Trump? From the success of cuckservative?

A friend: “You are not wrong. That was a shock to everyone. The power of that meme ripped into the mainstream, Breitbart legitimized it, which was a total surprise and kinda brilliant. Breitbart essentially s*** on Redstate instead of holding the line.”

How long till Jewish nationalist organizations such as the ADL, SPLC, MOT, start denouncing the slur “cuckservative” as anti-Semitic?

The white man might have woken up.

Chaim Amalek: “The key question: How can Yidden use all of this talk about cuckservatives to improve our lot in life? I am thinking we could create a new set of board games for racially conscious white people. Beginning with Shoots and Ladders (for gun owners). My Rav says that we need to think like Yidden. If this is the next phase in the development of the goy, we have to get on top of it and monetize it before someone else does.”

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