Different Groups Have Different Gifts

Jews tend to be more emotionally expressive than European Protestants. Blacks seem be louder and more emotional than Jews. Northern Europeans tend to be more law abiding and monogamous than southern Europeans.

Blacks tend to yell at their TVs and movie screens with such fervor that non-blacks tend to not like it.

Different groups tend to have different standards of intelligence, empathy, sociopathy, law abidingness, work ethic, etc, so diversity often means friction and distrust.

The biggest racial divide in America is between blacks and non-blacks. Few non-blacks want to live around blacks. From a white perspective, blacks are crime-prone menace. From a black perspective, whites are uptight. The different races have different norms and they create different communities. Race isn’t skin deep. It’s a clue about massive divides in behavior and thinking.

Nature has color-coded people so that we can make instant decisions to our evolutionary benefit.

Jews would not put up with the following nonsense.

From the Washington Post, a story about the havoc that a street band is wreaking:

One morning this week, five members of Spread Love, a New Orleans-style street band, gathered at one of Washington’s busiest intersections, pulled out four trombones, a drum set and a tips bucket and began playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

The band’s brassy riffs at 15th Street and New York Avenue NW always delight the hordes of tourists heading toward the White House. But the very spot that’s proved so profitable for Spread Love to pull in tips has also earned it the enmity of employees at two major Washington institutions: the Treasury Department and the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

Apparently, the economists in charge of our nation’s financial stability and the attorneys who represent many of our country’s corporate high-rollers and white-collar criminal defendants are struggling to focus inside their offices because the band is so loud. They are hearing Spread Love spreading its love too much.

The conflict, which began this spring and was first chronicled by the Above the Law blog, pits two very different slices of Washington against each other: the super-educated strivers working at the upper echelons of government and law against a group of exuberant street buskers who make a living off Mall-bound tourists.

Spread Love plays all over the city — L’Enfant Plaza, Farragut West, George Washington University — but the band’s favorite spots are outside the Farragut North Metro stop and at the corner of 15th Street and New York Avenue NW. Most of the group’s members — who go by stage names like Stixxx, Country and Love Soul — are full-time musicians. They sometimes land paid gigs, too. Earlier this month, the band played a Decatur House barbecue for the White House Historical Association.

Still, to many of the men and women cloistered away in offices at Treasury and Skadden Arps, Spread Love is a nuisance.

“We have to relocate our conference calls. We can’t have meetings in that corner of the building anymore. It’s like they’re playing music in the building,” said one Treasury Department employee, who, true to Washington form, would speak only on the condition of anonymity and be identified only as an “employee.” “There are people here who have headphones, and everyone’s got the air conditioners cranked up to get the white noise. And there’s people who have their children’s white-noise makers, too. Everyone’s going crazy.”

Can you imagine a WASP band displaying such a lack of empathy and good manners?

Comments on the WP story:

* I know some commentators here love these guys, because they are like, “sticking it to the man,” but they need to be relocated to the middle of a park somewhere. Playing loudly when you know it is bothering a large number of people working nearby is just obnoxious and poor manners.

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