Goyim Wearing Yarmulkes

A lot of mentally ill goyim walk around 90035 wearing yarmulkes to get some of that tasty Jewish privilege. Hey, this is not about me! Anyway, I saw two shaygetzes walking down Pico this morning wearing kipot. One was a big tall muscular guy who I saw walk into a 7/11 on a recent Shabbos. We have to keep our conversion standards stringent so we don’t let in white nationalist infiltrators, riffraff, etc. About 100 people are year are converted to Orthodox Judaism in the USA and in Los Angeles anyway, there’s a 95% plus success rate (though others say 85% at most) after five years when measured by the standard of public Sabbath observance.

Speaking seriously, before I finished my Orthodox conversion, I thought the process was too harsh. The day I finished that conversion, I stopped thinking that and started thinking that complaining converts were whiners. My empathy, never huge to begin with, just vanished as I started seeing things from the Jewish point of view. Why make it easy for people to become Jewish? It’s a long proud complicated history. Jews are America’s elite, the world’s elite, why let just anyone join? Why smooth their journey? Why not keep it challenging so only the most committed join the team? As soon as I finished my conversion, I had a whole new respect for and peace with the rabbis who oversee conversion.

Chaim Amalek: “Most mentally healthy goyim will simply not convert to orthodox Judaism ever. It must be a rare event for a successful, happy goy to truly bond as an orthodox Jew.”

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