Trump Can Win

Trump can win the nomination for sure, unless he does a Perot and runs from his possible destiny. He has a shot at winning the election in November against HRC especially if he points out that a rise in Hispanic power = fall in Black prospects. Whites + Blacks can put Trump in the Oval Office.
I don’t know of any other Republican I could vote for. Certainly not Bush. I’d much much rather have Bernie Saunders as president than Bush.

Manly men are for Donald Trump! Girly men are for Jeb Bush. As my rebbe Chaim Amalek​ says to the sodomites: “You do not understand the yearnings of the Heterosexual Christian American Man, be he White or Black. Thus, you and many others are in for a surprise or two as the election season unfolds.”

Chaim Amalek: I am more concerned with addressing America’s open borders and the Oligarchy’s obsession with imposing globalism on us than with Trump’s private life.

Much like Christian White Men, Black Men like Donald Trump. If he can tie immigration of tens of millions of hispanics to rising unemployment among Black men, he can win their votes against Miss Hillary and so win the election.

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