Can You Pray The Gay Away?

I think many people really can pray the gay away (or stop drinking, drugging, debting or any other addictive behavior they want to drop). I remember there was a really mean bully in my high school who suddenly accepted Jesus and turned into a great guy, loyal husband and father. His life changed in an instant, just as shown in that 1997 Robert Duvall movie The Apostle.

I knew a psychiatrist who said he had success helping many guys stop having homosexual sex and only have heterosexual relations. He called it something like “straight functioning.”

By the grace of God, this former porn hound been free from masturbation for more than three years. I don’t want a trophy because I’m afraid of what it might look like.

Whenever I see a woman, be it in person or on TV or on a billboard, my first instinct is whether or not I want to get to know her a little better… I’m not sure if this is just my addict speaking, but some of my normal male friends, including those with more than 20 years of monogamy, say they have the same initial instinct. Why can’t I just see women as human beings akin to blokes?

When I used to engage in the dark arts, the purity of my rabbi’s love for me would often come to mind and spoil my fun.

Only once in my life have I been late with the rent (in 1996, I was four days late once). Twice in my life I bounced a check (in 1994 and 1996). I don’t believe I have ever borrowed an object (or money from a friend) that I did not promptly return. I can remember only one time in my life when I made an appointment with someone and then forgot about it and didn’t show up (a lunch in 2001).

I’ve never balanced my checkbook but I’ve usually had an accurate sense of what is in there and because it usually isn’t much, I think I’ve caught on when I’ve been the victim of a fraud.

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