Atlantic: “How Chicago Is Trying to Integrate Its Suburbs”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “Living in a “good” zip code dramatically improves kids’ chances of going to college, getting a good job, and escaping poverty.”

Yes zip codes commit crimes, not actual people. If you drop off 40 thousand Inglewood Blacks into Newport Beach, there will be a zero increase in the crime rate in Newport Beach. Once you get the Black underclass out of bad zip codes and into good zip codes, they all start behaving like Japanese and Singaporean people.

“And yet, it can be hard to convince voucher-holders to move to the suburbs. Boyd worried that she would face racism”

Whatever kind of racism this Black woman will face in the predominantly White suburb of Glenview, Illinois will be nowhere near as bad as the racism that a young White man recently faced in Cincinnati, Ohio when Hussein Obama’s sons have gave him a gangsta style beat down that put him in the emergency room in the hospital.

“She still hasn’t found a church she likes—the ones in Glenview are “Catholic or Matholic or who knows what,” she joked.”

What she really means is she has not found an African American church in Glenview, Illinois. What she really means by Glenview only has Catholics churches is that it only has Non African American churches.

“But Boyd, who has a disabled son, says all of those obstacles are nothing compared to the piece of mind she’s gotten living in a quiet area with good schools.”

So no Black neighborhood in Chicago can offer her the piece of mind of living in a quiet area with good schools. She is such a self hating Aunt Jemima.

* Private companies seem to actively avoid hiring blacks in customer facing service positions. It’s really primarily in government customer facing service jobs like the DMV that you see blacks in large numbers.

* This is worse than the Parisian model. In Paris, they built the housing projects away from the city. The suburbs were built for the lumpen immigrant community, so they did less harm.

If Chicago were to build projects far from city where no one lives, there would be no problem.

The problem is they are building housing complexes where decent people have already settled down, and the main reason why they settled in the suburbs is because they were trying to get away from black crime.

And they worked and paid their own way, thus proving that they are responsible people.

But these inner city blacks have proven they aren’t good at anything. They just suck up welfare and raise lousy kids. They’ve demonstrated that they need others to do everything for them–just like Africans migrating to Europe because they can’t do anything for themselves.

If they are decent people, why can’t they work, save, and raise kids right? If they did that, their own communities in the city would be nice and livable. After all, Chinatowns were ghettos too but the Chinese didn’t run their communities into hellholes. Even Mexicans don’t destroy communities as badly as blacks do.
Or, if they’re decent people, they’d pay their own way to live in the suburbs. Since they’ve proven their worth as workers and savers, they might make decent neighbors.

These inner city blacks mess up entire parts of cities, and urban gentry doesn’t want them. They prefer that blacks move out of prime real estate so they can build more luxury condos there for their own kind. Just ship the black problem to other areas.

Just like financial derivatives created during the era of the ownership society. Mix the bad housing loans with the good ones, bundle them up. Now, send the bad blacks to nice communities, just bundle them up with decent people, and pretend all will be well.

In most cases, blacks will not improve much, but the black presence and cultural example will degrade the lower-achieving whites who will emulate trashy black culture and even have mulatto babies.

Anyway, Cons made a huge mistake in helping Libs restore cities.

There was a time when cities, bastions of Liberalism, were falling apart. Many city businesses moved to the suburbs, even setting up headquarters there as suburban middle class didn’t want to commute to dangerous cities.

This boosted Republican power, and cities were on the ropes, desperately trying to survive.

But once cities began to revive, the big money flowed back in downtown areas and gentrified areas. Cities gained power over the suburbs and began to dictate terms. And young people in the suburbs began to move back to the cities, while cities began to work with federal government to move blacks out to the suburbs.

Damn that Giuliani and all those Republicans who helped yuppies revive cities.

US would be better off if Washington DC were still 85% black and if every big city had turned into Detroit.

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